tantil before i breathe

by Speech Debelle

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released March 17, 2017

Executively produced by Speech Debelle



all rights reserved


Speech Debelle London, UK

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Track Name: Ode II September
And it starts to fill you up come on.

Sometimes your broken, so the light can get in, so the light can get in.

And the light it fills you up, come home.
Track Name: Running
So calm, if this weather persists,
I’ll adjust my thrifts; need a new wardrobe.
Yo! My style Isis, my muse, my change views are through you.
Your eyes smile, windows to your upper room,
Third eye flutters whenever we share cues.
What? That’s how you feel too.
This is mental and we are meant to.
I seem to have a thing for you,
Purposeful in your plans I’m inspired by you.
Without having a clue, you inspire the youths
And I can see a future in you ‘cause you nourish you roots.
I can see your lineage has put the power in you,
Mental physical, spiritual too,
I can’t seem to find the space to get the message to you
But if it was reciprocated then I wouldn’t have to run to you.

‘cause I’m running, I keep running
I keep running, running, oh, running to your heart
I know I can’t keep running to your heart
I know I can’t keep running to your heart
I know I can’t keep running to your heart
I know I can’t keep running to your heart

Verse two
I’m just giving you the facts, every whastapp I get a heart attack
I overreact, your words are vague,
Your intent is straight; I’ve created a maze
I over analyse when I’m relaying the play and you centre stage,
The curtains drop and I stand there with nothing to say.
The crowd looks in wait uncomfortable in their gaze,
Unrequited love is shame.
Pages turn, chapter’s change, what are these dreams I paint,
The want and the need, battle for the space,
That’ll make the love bring the pain.
I guess the ego comes alive when the fears are never tamed,
I’ve fallen for you it won’t magically go away.
The beauties when the beast gets some recognition,
gotta stop running to you, running to a vision.

If I’m running to you what do I loose
I need this space for love to come through
It’s better for me to get over this need,
I’m running from you and running from me

I can’t be happy with a piece, the little that I get back.
Your smile as you turn to me but it never really meant that,
‘Cause your heart don’t yearn for me,
Your body don’t burn for me,
This lust doesn’t work for me,
It’s taking a toll on me.

I can’t be happy with a piece, the little that I get back.
Your smile as you turn to me but it never really meant that,
‘Cause your heart don’t yearn for me,
Your body don’t burn for me,
This lust doesn’t work for me,
It’s taking a toll on me.
Track Name: Strange Ways
Sometimes, feels like, I don’t know which way to go
I do feel lost days, up some days, down some days, it moves in strange ways

Verse one
Low cuts and chinos
Early hour burrito
Beers and pear cider
What's app or viber
Cut downs and cravings
Laughing at saving
Birthdays and new borns
Good wine and house warnings
Roll ups and Green tea
No wheat no dairy
New friends on drunk nights,
Deep talks coke highs
Have babies buy flat
Go gym or eat that
Downloads or upgrades
New job house raves

Late night phone calls
First dates mumbles
Last trains and car fuel
High heels stumbles
Burials and funerals
Fights over pool rules
Friendships and secrets
Confidence and complexes
High grade and rizlas
Selfies and pictures
Nine nights and dark rums
Cancer research runs
Break ups and and harsh texts
Date night make up sex
Pay rises low pay
Sun rise on new days
Track Name: Level
Verse one
If there were nations on earth that built pyramids
And we can send rocket ships to where Ceres is
If we can dig through the crust at the bottom of the sea
Anything is possible in what I can give
Some my question the fact but they do that
Take one step forward and two back
Cause we don’t want to get caught slipping and say the wring thing
Wake up to a twitter hashtag attack
But everything in moderation there’s bad without the good
Recognise the blessings when I’m doing what I should
You attract what you are my elders told me
We here, we’re cooking, we got the recipe

What I get back, from the fails and the lessons and the set backs
I believe that, is preparation for the comeback

Verse two
Generation running in and out the kitchen
Auntie calling all trying to get them all to listen
Telling stories putting herbs up in our system
Telling stories but our uncle ‘cause we miss him
We know they wanna hide the history so we don’t understand the magic
A lot has been done we trying to heal the damage
Certain people scared, frightened they get panic
Cause we shine so bright that they cannot handle it
So stories our being told, with a hashtag and tweet from the phone
You attract what you are, my elders told me
We here we’re cooking we got the recipe.
Track Name: Fish Tea
Verse one
Big fish, big fried snapper
This aint just bars, this aint just a beach
This is how we harvest; this is how we eat
The race aint for the swift, but those who can endure
And generally speaking, the powers in the poor
From pineal to the floor, the blossom to the soil
The earth to the oil no wonder they call us crude so,
Let the spring showers wash away your doubts
We are made for the earth like words are made for the mouth
Like keys are made for the house, like keys made from the ounce
Like keys making the sound, we kiki then we bounce
We easy with it, all the gold we’re gonna leave with it
Let them easy with it, only the real illuminate
So let the lunar moon in June fully illuminate the place
Not even a reason to question what we’re serving on the plate

Big fish, wow wow wo
We are big fish, yea yea yea
We are big fish, oh no
We won’t fit inside your cage

Verse two
Ring alarm, I think I got a plan
I got some roast pork spun in the back of the bully van
Ting a ling a ling, school bell a ring
Come use your knife and fork and fight for this ting
I got a call from the spirits homie
I hear the greatest love ain’t crack Whitney
Loving yourself is the one true act homie
I said God damn, I better get the app homie
But it come in like the devil love my back homie
They said that’s menalin, you got a lot of black homie
Let it tweak through the spinal tap in your back homie
I said who is this, they said this is Tupac homie, you hear me
To who much is given much is tested, I had sacrifice my lack of pride and broken spirit
Take back my power from the parasites and pillages
Go where the people is and let us feast amongst the fish with all the villagers, big fish
Track Name: Terms and Conditions
Verse one
Make ups to break ups to cussing to fucking,
wake ups, to wondering what happened in the morning.
Breakfast is quite concentrating on the eating,
giving us reason not to question what we're doing.
We deserve Oscars for our brilliant pretending,
That we are not making the same mistakes again.
We've been here before; this is a regression.
We are not progressing, but very much enjoying.
I guess life is made for living not existing.
and we are drawn to the things that bring us inspiration.
You become the reason I am tossing and turning,
growing and learning, what I am partial too.
Addressing my own passions and actions
and straight physical attraction,
this what makes us human.

I am no longer guessing; I am more than sure.
If life has taught me any kinda lesson before.
It's that when I want to, I really really want to
I know that I want you and I know want to.
So what you think maybe us two, up until two, maybe even three, well see

Verse two
We go back and forth, back and forth like tennis
and each time we give a less than the beginning.
I guess what keeps us coming back is coming
That's not joking, that some real analysing.
You'd be surprised by the truths that are hidden.
‘cause it comes to light when you start digging.
Pun intended, whoever invented you are my nemesis, ‘cause I am powerless.
That blatant obvious, like have no common sense.
Like I can't see what's going on or haven't got the foggiest,
idea, my dear, why I am still here, it's three in the morning
and we're calling, each other’s name, like we never knew it.
We said we wouldn't go back I guess we blew it,
animalistic acting, this is what makes us human.

Are we willing, to accept the terms and conditions, of our arrangement and pretend it is painless.
Are we willing to give more than we are giving and see what we are missing, if we could only listen?
Track Name: The Knowing
Verse one
Since I left home, I’ve been thinking about my mum
I get worried that she’s lonely, I need to make more visits
My gran calls my phone and leaves me messages, saying she hasn’t long, I know that she is scared
When it comes that time we regret what we don’t do
I might not have time but I can make time if I want to
If I can be on twitter than I can be with her
It’s a simple as that, no ignoring that fact
But it’s easy to forget, I’m an artist of dismissing
I’ll do it next week, yea I’ll do next week
Its sustained with a systematic selfish belief, that I am of greater importance, in my own created world
I’m still a little girl, I need to have children for this displaced attention, keep evolving as a woman
I twist and turn with a desire to create
But while I’m looking in, who am I ignoring

Verse two
Lessons in my life, required that I change gear
Questioning is right, it sits high upon my life tier
I might not get it right, sometimes angle for the high chair
But it creates restrictions to act, immature
Most of the time we don’t show appreciation
To those that stick around, that must be so frustrating
Can’t turn back time, my mistakes lay dormant
In the back of my mind, trying to find some importance
While we try to forget, that’s the battle of the conscience
No conscience is clear if we are really living
Life is for living, not just existing
Maybe my excuse for not listening
Or being there, although I really care
I’m trying to make this money, an excuse to be selfish
The real wealth is the standard of my happiness, and the people around mines happiness

I’m glad we had this conversation
I’ve been meaning to have this conversation
Track Name: i heard Pac
Verse one
Writing over instrumentals
Leaning on the kitchen counter
this is all my stage
I been badding up the latest rental
Going 30 over humps, corners spilling out my change
I heard life is but a dream
Well all my past live come with down thing to say
I was napping in the comfort
My goodness I message, like Mandy gets in your frame
I got cocoa butter dreams, over dark rum thoughts,
I'm pulling at the seams at this seamless course
Non concentrate it’s nature we got the sauce
My mind on Sirius, I simmer with similar sorts
All likes and similes just give me rhythm when I walk
Spark pineal atoms spins when I talk
My poetry is deep I never fail,
My poetry is deep.
But still I'm trying to get my mind if my ex, addiction kills
And Instagram is fucking with my will
My anxiety and unpaid bills give me the chills
but the love I have around me gives me will
The sincerity I give to you will make you keep it real
Then you keep it real with me and we can build
The sincerity I give to you will make you keep it real
You keep it real with me and we can heal
Many years I spent not loving myself
I was afraid of what I feel
I didn't mean to seem aloof when we were earlier introduced
I guess I got use to holding out for something real

Everything has a reason
Aint no mistakes on us
Never cautious living
You always get your spot blown up
I aint got the answers man, I’m just trying to fill my cup
Never cautious living
We just singing in the wind with what we got

Verse two
Went back to the one I'm dating, afternoon
Doubled up my knowledge so I need half the moves
Issues no longer my voodoo won't give to you
Except maybe the chronic wounds they stay with you
Thinking, let's immigrate to somewhere affordable
Where the crashing of the waves are clearly audible
Cause we deserve it we are magic every molecule
Like the honourable Angelou said we're phenomenal
Lets engage all our chakras, kundalini
Drink some ayahuasca bring the DMT
Travel in our sleep across the solar system
Or just cook a lovely meal for no apparent reason
Cause I know kings sleeping in coaches cause they're priced out of a home
I know queens who could build nations but they battle with their combs
She’s told she's not enough and her beauties measure in stones
But if she's too much to raise up then it could be your back bone
I know kings dedicated to their youths
The failings of their fathers have given them all the proof
Of they’re not around who will water the roots
And without a commander and chief who will their children salute
I know queens building nations like troops
Telling us that we matter like any loving mother would do
I'm just perusing and musing upon my troops
I'm not a thug but how Tupac you got in you
Track Name: The Work
Verse one
I wanna be afraid
I wanna be offended
I wanna face my fears when they're presented
I wanna be fully present when I'm attending
I wanna make choices not just reacting
Cause acting out has become quite tiring
These emotions I keep hiring and firing
My family must be tired of this little violin
I violated my fair share of sin
I sold some shaman
Broke bread with bad men
With strange codes of honour
But we make choices from what's upon us
There's some balance that I'm searching for
And I found it in my consciousness when I was trying to build my core
My spirit will run away
If I don't cease the day
I can feel it pushing me pushing me
I have to go for a walk literally
Feel the breeze have a talk and listen to me

I bet you when I come through
And see the sun that I'm greeted too
It's a reminder that I'm not through
And I have still got work to do

Verse two
Often my mood sways
From full to dismayed
I surf a small wave
To ride at its crest
Feels like a small space
So I disengage
I need to grow get some weight of this chest
Bucket to bouquet
Welcome a new day
Write on an eclipse
Let it enter through my right hip
Spirit does a back flip
Reason and wrap spliffs
We rap ad libs
I can hear your vision yo
But we ain't asking permission
We run up in the kitchen
With a bag of road man
And we want the belly
I asked the universe and it told me clear
Warrior spirit it got us
Fear and love can't coexist so remember this
In the face of opposition
And remember they listening
but some will understand
Their antenna feels it
Etcha sketch my future before they clear it.
Track Name: No War No Peace
Verse one
You can't hide for the beast
My people get off of your knees
They'll shoot you down in these street
Now you're a hashtag and retweet
They have once declared war
Wanna know what they're fighting for
After your mind and it must be your soul
After your muscle it must be your and bones,
They want your mind altered, controlled
Cause they won't leave us alone
They say it's cause if your clothes
But more like your skin tone, yo
We tired of being brutalised
It's a war that's coming from all sides
We been planning the coup all night
Talking to spirits from past from all tribes
We got the words pineal is on peak
Back straight got the fire when we speak
They run we see us in these streets
They catch a fright when they see us in these streets, yo
We water the roots, we bore fruit
We been knowing the truth since we were youts
It ain't change the games still the same
They still want us in chains
We blaze up a fir pon dem

No War No Peace x 8

Verse two
They will shoot you down like mark Duggan
And swear blind that you had it and you were packing
Within a second, your body is getting wetted
And your mother is crying over your coffin
Spraying the sky has got us all coughing
You can say I breathe but they won't stop it
It's hard to be heard with weak pockets
We built nations and they got the profit
But if you the big tree, we are the small axe
Coming to cut you down, down
The structures are weak, we see the cracks
It's gonna all come down, down